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Florida funeral home director scammed families, authorities say

In Texas, a Pasadena funeral home was sued for a botched embalming, whenever a body arrived at the place of burial only to be found in a state of decomposition. In Louisiana, a funeral home director was charged with fraud involving preneed funeral funds, leaving many consumers losing their prepaid funeral and their money.

Finding a reputable funeral home can be a daunting and emotional task. Fifty-three percent of members responding to our poll consider family tradition and reputation the most important factors in choosing a provider – a move Slocum says is the most common and expensive mistake you can make.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott called for the FBI’s director. Authorities have not described any specific motive, except to say that Cruz had been kicked out of the high school, which has about 3,000.

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Police are searching for a couple who defrauded 12 families into paying a fake deposit for the same Largo home.. 12 families scammed in Florida home-rental fraud, police say FOX 13 News – Tampa.

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"Partnering for a Better Tomorrow" was the perfect theme for the 2009 Florida Funeral Directors Association and florida cemetery funeral and Cremation Association Joint Convention & Trade Show! Both Associations were excited about the joint convention and the opportunity to join forces to host a remarkable event.

A woman told Coral Springs Police she had recently learned something terrible: A South Florida man. up in a strict Lutheran family but didn’t buy into the church. "I was brought up in a very.

It’s a morbid tale involving phony death certificates, staged funerals with paid actors, and coffins buried with no bodies, but in the end, it’s just a financial fraud scheme like thousands of others we investigate every year. Earlier this month in Los Angeles, the fourth and final member of an.

Terms Used In Florida Statutes 497.373. Board: means the Board of Funeral, Cemetery, and Consumer Services.See Florida Statutes 497.005; dead human bodies: means the body of a deceased human person for which a death certificate or fetal death certificate is required under chapter 382 and includes the body in any stage of decomposition.

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